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Agreement Leadership Strategy In Nigeria

Agreement Leadership Strategy In Nigeria

 It's the second high fourth dimension we citizens of  Nigeria raised our voices against the organization of Leadership inwards our state Nigeria.

Agreement Leadership Strategy In Nigeria - According to the English dictionary. Rulership is the place in which 1 rule or take sovereignty over others. a ruler solely cares about his place in addition to position, not nigh his people. He does everything in his ability to protect himself as well as his place and not his people.

Rulership is but a title for a soul who occupies a sure position inability.

An explicit instance was the CACOVID Parliaments the governors inwards Nigeria refused to share to her people dying of hunger. This shows how selfish too wicked hearted they are. It is dismal to know that the palliatives already started to spoil.

governors came giving excuses why they couldn't distribute the palliatives before close to hood discovered them. Their excuses cracked me upwardly. The facial expression which cracks me upwards the near was the I a governor said he was keeping the palliatives to percentage them on his birthday; like what the fuck! did you purchase the palliatives amongst your coin? 
it's so dismal Nigeria doesn't practice Leadership.

Leadership is the capacity of a mortal to atomic number 82 others. Leadership involves making a conclusion, creating together with articulating a clear vision, establishing an achievable goal together with providing followers alongside knowledge as well as tools necessary to attain those goals.
The USA Academic Environments define Leadership every bit a procedure of social influence. A leader influences others through social influence, not the power to become something accomplished.

According to the thought of transformational Leadership, an effective Leader is a mortal who does the next;

  • Creates an inspiring vision of the hereafter
  • Motivates too inspires people to engage with that vision
  • Manages delivery of the vision
  • Coaches and make a team so that the tin can be more effective at achieving the vision.

A Leader must have a compelling vision, that people tin encounter, feel, sympathize to embrace. A Leader motivates people to operate difficult to reach success.

What's particularly helpful hither is when Leaders take skillful power. People admire too believe inwards these leaders because they are skillful in what they do. They have credibility, to they've earned the correct to ask people to heed to them in addition to following them. This makes it easier for these Leaders to motivate in addition to inspire the people they lead.

Leaders tin can as well motivate together to influence people through their natural charisma together with the appeal, in addition to other sources of power. A Leader doesn't rely too much on other sources of power to motivate as well as inspire others.

Leaders likewise demand to make sure they contend change effectively This helps to ensure that the changes needed to deliver the vision are implemented smoothly and thoroughly, amongst the support in addition to the backing of the people affected.

Leadership as well as include looking for leadership potential inwards others.

A Leader must;

L - Listen

due east - Empathize

A - Accept

D - Direct

due east - Engage

R - Respect

south - Serve

H - Help 

I - Impact

P - Protect

In Nigeria, many assay regimes place non to bear upon positively on the people merely for the coin as well as the title.

The organization of Politics inwards Nigeria is faulty too needs to be cut downwards totally from the rootage in addition to not from the stem. Youths came out protesting for a NEW NIGERIA because of the critical status of Nigeria right straightaway. We want a positive alter inward the government system.
We are tired of corrupt Rulers ruling us. We want LEADERSHIP in Nigeria in addition to non RULERSHIP.
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